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Discover amazing stories and reviews on why people choose to insure their families with Insure901. See The Difference!


I was disappointed with my present insurance and knew the success and how his clients were very happy.. So I gave steve a call about getting a quote. He was very professional and was back within the next day with good news on my coverage . He saved me hundreds and improved my coverage. My first claim i needed information and had to contact him. He was fabulous with helping me at that moment and enabled me to continue with completing my rental Thank you Steve for being a caring and professional agent.

Tommy Mcdaniel

Steve is by far one of the best insurance agents to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the insurance types and amounts of coverage we needed. So when we decided to purchase a house, I immediately went to him. I didn’t even bother shopping other companies because I’ve known Steve for about a year and a half and wanted to business with only him. Well as it turns out, he ended up getting us GREAT coverage for a very low price. Both our realtor and mortgage officer said I got a really good price on homeowners insurance. He also has our auto insurance coverage as well. If you trust Steve to help you with your insurance needs, you won’t be sorry!! Give him a shot to earn your business too!

Neil Bringle

My husband and I had been with State Farm for close to 30 years. Steve quoted policies to me and the prices were comparable to what we were paying so we stayed with State Farm just because I was too scared to move. In October we had a small claim (under $8000) and were given the run around by adjuster, contacted our agent and he wouldn’t help us at all. Immediately hung up the phone with State Farm agent and called Steve! It has been an easy transition and look forward to many years of working together.

Amy Cook

When I first checked with Steve, I knew I would eventually switch my insurance over to him. Initially,he was unable to beat the rates I had, but he was honest and advised me to stay with the company i had and he'd check in later. My son obtained his license and when I checked the rates with my company, Steve was able to beat the brakes off anything I could find, saving us alot of money. The decision to switch was an easy one.


My wife and I began our first home buying process recently. One of the most stressful times in our life. When it came time to choose home owners insurance, we immediately went to our auto insurer. We had been with that company for many years and assumed we would get a great deal. Turned out not to be case. So we went in full panic mode and began getting quotes from numerous companies. All were the same deal, VERY HIGH!!! We turned to Steve for help and BAM!. Within a very short time he was able to get us an amazing deal for homeowners. He then very professionally and politely asked about our auto. We told him that we already paid a fairly low price for full coverage on both our vehicles but we told him we would look at what he could offer. He came back with a deal too good to turn down. We ended paying just a tad bit more for auto but SOOOO much better coverage. So we left the company we’d been with for so long and moved to Steve. When it came time for closing day, the closing agents told us that in all their years of real-estate, they had never seen home owners premiums as low as ours. We would recommend Steve and his services to anyone in need of insurance. He made our first home experience so much less stressful!!!!

Chris Mckee

We recently closed on our new home....after getting quotes from 3 different insurance company, I spoke with my good friend Steve to see what he could do. And within minutes he saved us over $1000 per year on homeowners insurance!!!!

And to make things better, Steve approached us about bundling our car insurance....I was hesitant to leave the company I was with but guessed my man Steve came through and was able to get us 6X’s the coverage for just a few dollars more per month. This was extremely important because of the recent accident I was in with a “drunk driver”.

Steve went above and beyond to provide us the security we needed and he always did it without pressure while always presenting value! You better get with this guy. Thanks again man for everything.

Brandon Armstrong

I contacted several insurance companies to receive quotes regarding our new home & combining our auto and boat insurance as well. Steve was the only agent to return a quote with minutes and the premiums were far lower than what we were paying with other insurance companies. He saved us over half on on home owners and over $50 a month on auto insurance. His customer service is superb!

The Jacobs Family

Steve was able to provide me with 3 times the coverage than I had for almost the same price for auto and more than 3x the renters coverage for less than what I was already paying! He also took the time to explain a lot of the technical numbers and phrasing that had never been explained to me before. Extremely glad I switched!

Jeremy Yeager

Steve and I were co workers once upon a time. When I heard he was working for himself I was proud for him! He now handles all my insurance needs and is there for any question I have! He is quick to answer anytime I ask! He is great to work with!


Steve is a friend first and an insurance agent second. Not many people like that left these days. He truly cares about you and your insurance needs.
If you need insurance, any insurance you would do well to give him an opportunity. Not only is his service second to none, he has been able to save me money on everything I’ve contacted him with. Give him a call!


Steve did an awesome job helping my family and me save $500 on our homeowner’s insurance!! Not only did he save us money, but he was very easy to work with and had the results quickly! Highly recommend Steve and Insure901 for your insurance needs!


Steve has been a phenomenal friend and agent! Extremely pleased with the services provided to our family so far!

Mike L

I was tired of paying a lot for my insurance and Steve found me some great rates. Anytime I have questions day or night he is right there. I highly recommend Insure 901. Thank u for all u do.

Sue Hill

My wife has a bad driving record and my insurance company was not gonna let me renew our policy. I called Steve and he not only found me another insurance company but it was cheap r and had more coverage than I originally had. Definitely recommend him.

Chad Huey

I switched from State Farm to insure901 and couldn’t be happier! The most friendly people I’ve dealt with by far. Being a firefighter you try to support the ones who support you and Steve supports fire and police like no other! Highly recommend switching to insure901!!

Chaney Young

It is an honor to serve my clients day in and day out. I am looking forward to reading these testimonials and I hope they will let others see the difference with Insure901!

Steve Childress

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